The Killingworth Library is Fine-Free!

We are excited to announce that the Killingworth Library Association is joining a growing number of libraries across the country in the fine-free movement! As of June 1st, 2023, Killingworth patrons will no longer be charged late fees for most overdue items.

Why go fine-free?

Equity in access to library services is at the core of our profession. Library fines go against that goal, as they disproportionately affect patrons who are less able to pay them. We don’t want anybody to feel unwelcome in the library just because they owe us money!

Doesn’t the library rely on fines for revenue?

Less than one percent of KLA’s revenue comes from overdue fines. Our budget has always been far more dependent on donations than it has been on fines, and as always, we hope we can continue to rely on the generosity of Killingworth residents during our fundraising events.

Will people be responsible with library materials if they don’t have to worry about fines?

Research has found that library fines have little or no effect on the number of patrons who return their materials on time. Sometimes, fines can be counterproductive; some people never return their overdue book at all, because they’re worried about the fees! However, fine-free doesn’t mean zero-responsibility; patrons who lose library materials will still be required to cover the cost of replacement.

Is the library still charging fines for some things?

Though most items will no longer be subject to overdue fees, we will continue to charge $5/day for museum passes that are returned late, since other patrons rely on the timely return of these items. Patrons will also be charged the replacement cost of lost items, though those fees will be cancelled if the item is found and returned.

Library Hours:

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Sunday: Closed
Curbside pickup available 6 days week during open hours
Call to schedule: 860-663-2000

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