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10 Ways Busy Parents Can Encourage Reading

  1. Go to the library regularly – make Tuesday night Library & Pizza Night!
  2. Play family friendly audio books while on road trips – then have a book discussion.
  3. Turn pizza with friends into a “readers & eaters ” book discussion or a hike into “walkers & talkers”.
  4. Put a really interesting-looking book or magazine in a spot around the house your child is sure to see… maybe on their bed or in the bedroom.
  5. Shave 15 minutes off TV time each night and make it Reading Time.
  6. Have your child read out loud to you while you’re getting dinner ready or folding clothes.
  7. Encourage older siblings to read to their younger brothers and sisters.
  8. Suggest magazine subscriptions as gifts when aunts and uncles want ideas for birthdays; and remember – the library has magazines for children that can be checked out!
  9. Ask your child to read the recipe out loud when you’re cooking or the instruction manual when you’re assembling something.
  10. When you read the newspaper, share the comics or kids’ section with them.








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