A Tour of the Universe From Your Backyard

Friday, November 8, 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the Pond House, Parmelee Farm. Starting at Earth and exploring into space, learn about interesting astronomical phenomena and objects to see in the late fall sky right from your backyard with and without binoculars and telescopes. Get a sense of the vastly different sizes of and distances starting with what is within Earth’s atmosphere to millions of light years away including Earth’s shadow, Sun dogs, rainbows, Moon halos, satellites, meteors, Moon, Sun, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies… Weather permitting the talk will be followed by viewing some of the phenomena in the night sky through telescopes.
This event is free, but advance sign up is required; please visit our website calendar to register online.

Presenters are members of the Astronomical Society of New Haven:
Jim Mazur is Professor Emeritus in Psychology at SCSU and member of the Astronomical Society of New Haven (ASNH). He has had a life-long interest in astronomy starting from when his parents bought him a three-inch telescope in fourth grade. He frequently participates in night-time observing events for the public, and has a small backyard dome where he stores his telescope for astrophotography.
Laurie Averill is a volunteer Solar System Ambassador(SSA) for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and member ASNH. SSA’s learn about JPL missions for NASA to share information with the public. Laurie’s interest in astronomy began with learning constellations from her father on starlit nights, continued with the Moon landings, and rekindled when she met Jim. She also assists in public events for observing either the Sun or the night sky.

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