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Recommendations, new book previews, interviews, news, and more. Membership required.
Good Reads
Find suggestions, connect with other readers, browse lists, and have some fun with literary quizzes and trivia.
Library Reads
“The top ten books published this month that librarians across the country love.”
Free downloadable audiobooks – “Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.”
Lit Lovers
Reviews, reading guides, recommendations, online courses, book-related recipes, literary films.
Reader’s Circle
Book club networking site, featuring links to book reviews and awards, author interviews and phone chats.
Reading Group Choices
Online version of the yearly Reading Group Choices publication, a subject guide to the year’s top picks by discussion groups. Also includes tips on starting and leading your own.
Reading Group Guides
Nearly 1,800 free discussion guides. Also includes advice and ideas for reading groups, a message board, interviews, and contests.

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one-clickdogFollow this link to downloadable audios and eBooks: One Click Digital
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Have your library card’s barcode ready to access over 1,300 fiction and nonfiction titles!
If you need assistance in using OneClickDigital, please visit their Help page One Click’s help desk.

If you need help setting up your device for eBook accessibility, please contact the patron support line at OneClickDigital: 877-772-8346, or email: Every initial downloading process is different for each machine, but the pros at OneClickDigital can walk you through in minutes!

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