Historical Dolls & Houses of Killingworth

June’s display case invites you to walk down the streets of Old Killingworth, with its exhibit of wooden building replicas and dolls representing well-known women from days gone by. Meet Clara Parmelee, poet and organist at the Congregational Church; Jerusha Benton Parmelee, who sewed the 34-star Union Flag of 1861 (now owned by the Killingworth Historical Society); author and folk artist Ruth Robinson; Harriet Warrel, the first female teacher at the Little Green Schoolhouse; and Goody Wee, Killingworth’s very own “witch”! The women stand among eight wooden building models, representing some of the oldest homes, churches, and schools in town. And can you find the Millenium Christmas Tree?

All of the dolls were created by resident Sandy Smith, as a fundraiser for the Killingworth Historical Society. Sandy also designed the buildings, which were then cut and painted by long-time Killingworth resident Bob Broach.

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